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In a world where even the simple things are becoming ever more complex, electronics are increasingly relied upon to control machines. Mechanical timers are making way for sophisticated electronic "brains" to provide greater flexibility and lower cost for manufacturers. The trend towards electronic control is expanding at a rapid rate. With customer demand for new features, the future will no doubt bring machines with increasingly more complex control systems. To survive and prosper in the service industry, we must embrace the new technology and prepare for the future.




Being in the service industry, providing excellence to customers is the key to business survival. Customer's expectations have never been higher. Speed, accuracy and price are the common comparisons by which service people are measured, and with the choice to consumers being so large, the service person needs every possible advantage. Product knowledge, parts availability and competitive pricing are what distinguish excellence from average.




Module Repair Service is a company started by service people for service people. Specialising in the repair of all types of control modules, we are a company established to directly support the service industry to an unrivalled level. Operating nationally, our goal is to provide you the best backup service for control modules no matter what products you service. Whether you need a repair of something unique, or an exchange module for something common, chances are we can help. No waiting, no excuses, just service the way you and your customers expect. One call is all it takes.




With over 20 years combined experience in electrical, communications and computer control, we are more than just familiar with control modules. From simple fault finding through to detailed analysis of digital electronics, you can be assured that your repaired or exchange control module has been repaired by experts. Using the latest in component replacement technology, we pride ourselves in repairs that are better than original, and complemented by industry leading warranty policies.

To further ensure that all our repairs stand the test of time, all repaired control modules are fully tested using custom built test fixtures and actual machines wherever possible. We understand more than just how the control module operates, we understand how it operates in the machine itself. What this means to you, the service person, is complete confidence that the job is done right the first time.




Repairing control modules is very exacting. Our repairs use exclusively new electrical components that are the exact or equivalent values to what we replace. We repair and test the control module to its originally intended function but we will not alter or modify the circuit or design for any reason. Certain control modules may have inherent design defects and repairing them will not reduce or eliminate these defects. Module Repair Service P/L may elect not to repair certain control modules because of inherent or known problems. In some cases where proprietary parts are used and are not commercially available the control module may not be repairable. We do not offer assistance to persons attempting to repair boards themselves nor do we supply electronic components.