Read what a few of our customers say


"Thanks guys for the quick and great service with repariing the remote receiver on my aging air conditioner. Works great and saved me from having to buy a new air conditioner."


Tennyson SA


"Just thought you guys would like to know that the end user just called to inform me that the HSIO Module you repaired is working just fine now. Kudos to you and your staff, as you repaired a piece of equipment that Carrier USA would not attempt to troubleshoot and left the customer without any options. Thanks for being that option."



New Jersey, USA


"I just want to pass on my thanks to the guys on a great job and the professional service you guys gave. After paying $180 for a supposed air con technician to tell me the PBI was dead and couldn’t be replaced so I’d have to replace the entire system I took to google and luckily found you guys. The board was returned in exceptional turnaround time and works a new one! One very happy customer."




"I would just like to take this opportunity of thanking you for your swift and professional service.  I received the ignitor module, fitted it and it now works !!! Once again, thanks!"




"Hi Guys,

I am deeply impressed by your professionalism - the PCB looked really good, and the oven works like a charm! Thank you very much to all of you guys, you saved me from buying a new oven :-) "

Best regards,

Bjoern (Germany)


“Hi Guys,  I received PCB and fitted to the units. It works really good. Please send my best regards to your repair team. It’s awesome service!!”

Kind Regards, Bruce


"Thank you very much for the prompt and courteous attention given to repairing our Whirpool fridge modules recently, we will recommend your company wholeheartedly."

Regards,  Allan


"Thank you for the great quality service that Module Repair has provided. The repair job was very professional and worked first time. I am very happy that the board (BRAEMAR SPI DUCTED HEATER MODULE) could be repaired and will be sure to recommend you in the future."

Regards,  Dominik.



"Hi Guys, Just wanted to pass on my thanks for what you did with the replacement PCB for my sister-in-law earlier. Your gesture is testament to the way in which our business has always found Module Repair to be a very professional company to deal with and I just wanted to let you know that she appreciates this goodwill gesture more than you know. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all involved."

Regards,   Brad



"Hi guys, Thank you for your time to have a chat & show me around your premises. I was truly amazed and think you are the one company who completely blew me away on my 2 day trip to Melbourne. Just your facility (fair enough it is a new, but never-the-less) looks professional, efficient, clean & tidy, the traceability you have on your service work, the templates and work you do on the boards, just amazing! I must admit I rarely have come across a business in our industry which just has all those procedures in place and I guess it was nice to see that you guys are in the same boat as us, where we have to stand out for our level of customer service and it looks like you guys are doing it just nicely :)"

Regards, Alain